What our Experts do

What Our Experts Do

Creating each TeaChest involves a process to make sure that our customers will always get the best products possible and a selection that will enable them to take a journey through the world of teas. Of course, this takes time, so we employ a team of tea experts from all over the world in order to successfully produce our selection. But how exactly do our experts go about bringing together all the ingredients needed to provide you with your favourite Chests? Read on to find out…

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Each of our experts specialises in a certain type of tea or region (you can read about our Chinese expert Long Xunyou, for example. The best knowledge of tea comes from the local farmers and producers, so we employ only those experts who not only know all they need to know about their product but who also have good relationships with our producers.

The TeaChest process begins with our experts discovering the very best and unique teas from all over the globe, such as our Prince Miha Black tea from the little-known tea-producing country of Georgia or our special Darjeeling tea – Balasun Valley – which is from the region of India best known for producing the esteemed ‘champagne of teas’.

Often, the pure tea is a perfect product in itself, but we’re also always looking for interesting and delicious blends. For example, our Vanilla Ceylon tea combines the finest Madagascan vanilla with Ceylon tea from the Kenilworth estate. Our experts experiment with different flavour combinations all the time in order to expand our range. What they advise also depends on which ingredients are particularly good depending on the season and year, so our teas often reflect this with limited edition blends and varieties.

Back in the UK, we finally put all of these products together in themed Chests to send out to our customers every week. This involves selecting teas which compliment each other and unusual pairings which we think you’ll enjoy. That way, whatever you choose – whether that be our Green, Herbal, Black, Black Blended or Variety Chest – you can be sure that every delivery will take you on a journey of the freshest, most beneficial and very best expert-selected teas.
As each Chest is different, you’ll want to keep coming back in order to try as many of our varieties and special blends as possible. You can begin your TeaChest adventure today by signing up below.