Happy Birthday Your Majesty

In celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th, we are also celebrating her wonderful love of tea.

Earl Grey

Darjeeling Emerald

The Queen famously loves her tea almost as much as we do at TeaChest! She is on record as saying that her favourites are Darjeeling whole leaf black tea, which she has sourced specially from India. She is also partial to an elegantly fragrant Earl Grey. She actually sources many of her teas from famous Indian tea auctions, to which she sends a royal representative to collect them.

The Queen admits to enjoying two cups of tea per day – one at breakfast and one at around 4pm – and schedules in her important tea breaks no matter what else she may be doing.

Join in the celebrations with our selection of luxury and speciality teas, sourced from around the Commonwealth and beyond. You don’t have to bid for them at auctions; they can be delivered straight to the door of your own palace.

Our beautiful and exclusive Darjeeling Emerald green tea, for example, is one such jewel in the crown of teas. Its subtle taste makes it a delicious choice for tea connoisseurs. As for something a little more traditional, our Earl Grey is made using real bergamot oil with no artificial flavourings. Both our Earl Grey and our Darjeeling Emerald teas can be enjoyed without milk, but a splash can be added to the Earl Grey if you prefer.

Finally, all of our teabags are pyramid-shaped and packaged in silver foil, giving them the royal seal of of approval.

So, drink like the Queen and order your teasubscriptionbox today for a selection of stunning and elegant flavours that won’t give you a stiff upper lip!