How It Works

Ordering a tea subscription box from TeaChest is incredibly easy and, as a customer, you choose the type of TeaChest you want.

TeaChest UK tea subscription

Each of our subscription TeaChests are handpicked by our experts in the UK, so each delivery will take you further along your journey of discovering new teas from all around the world. If you have a particular favourite, let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s included!Sometimes, you’ll even receive new blends that aren’t yet available on the site as we’re always looking to improve and add to our great range.

As a customer you get to cusotmise your tea subscription box by choosing your type of TeaChest from the following:

TeaChest tea range

Black – A beautiful selection of the very best pure Black teas such as our subtle, mellow Ceylon Kenilworth or our rich Assam Hills. Or our classics such as our Russian Caravan and English Breakfast varieties which are created from a blend of several high-quality Black and even Herbal teas.

Green – Green teas contain a huge number of health benefits such as hydration and aiding with weight loss. You can expect a variety containing favourites such as our Sencha and Darjeeling Emerald teas.

Herbal – Herbal teas are not only caffeine-free; they’re also delicious. Explore the world of Herbal teas with the likes of our sweet Pure Honeybush and floral Jasmine blends.

Experts – Can’t choose just one type? A Variety TeaChest will give you a selection from our entire range.


After selecting your preferred type of Chest, you can then decide how many teabags you’d like in each Chest – either 15 or 10 depending on how often you enjoy your tea.

Next, you decide how often you’d like your TeaChest delivery – every week, two weeks or four weeks.

The final step is to set up your account. This will allow you to manage your payment, delivery and order details. You can change these at any time and even pause your order when going on holiday.