Dirty Chai

An East London favourite brought to you by Teachest; Indian Chai tea gets richer with an infusion of […]

Chinese Lemon Zest

New from TeaChest is Chinese Lemon Zest blended black tea. Taking our popular Keemun Yellow Mountain black tea […]

Honeybush and Lemon

Our Pure Honeybush herbal tea now comes infused with zesty lemons. Like its namesake, Honeybush is a sweet, […]

Maghrebi Mint Magic

Our Maghrebi Mint Magic black whole leaf tea takes the wonder of the North African classic and adds […]

Serengeti Breeze

From the tea gardens of Tanzania we bring you a whole leaf black tea, a mild tea with […]

Valley of Gardens

From the tiny African country of Rwanda we bring you an orthodox black tea with a rich and […]


This famous Jasmine herbal tea comes from the Fujian province in China, picking only one bud and two […]

Chinese Hibiscus

Our Chinese Hibiscus herbal tea is a fragrant, caffeine-free herbal tea with a sweet floral aroma. The rich […]

Anxi Tie Guan Yin

A classic Oolong tea from Fujian province in China, Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea is made using […]

Pure Lapacho

Our Pure Lapacho herbal tea is made from the inner-bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree from South America with […]

Pure Brazilian Mate

This national beverage of Brazil is a strong, rich tea with lots of caffeine for a longer energy […]

Pure Rooibos

This herbal tea from South Africa has an earthy, refreshing taste. A great anti-oxidant and caffeine-free, our Pure […]

Pure Camomile

Camomile is a well-known relaxing tea often taken before bed. Our tea is a Pure Camomile herbal tea […]

Pure Honeybush

Our Pure Honeybush herbal tea, like its namesake, is a sweet, aromatic South African herbal tea. Naturally caffeine-free […]

Mint Medley

Our Mint Medley herbal tea is a delicious, minty mix of peppermint with lemongrass, orange peel, liquorice rose […]


This Japanese tea is a calming blend of herbs, flowers and fruit with perfectly balanced flavours. It is […]

Chinese Sencha Decaf

This Chinese Sencha decaf green tea is a version of the famous Japanese tea and has been decaffeinated […]

Japanese Sencha

Sencha is Japan’s most popular tea, rapidly becoming famous overseas. It is made by infusing whole, processed tea […]

Chun Mee

Chun Mee green tea is a famous Chinese tea from Jianxi province. A single bud and two leaves […]

Darjeeling Emerald

A beautiful green tea from the hills of Darjeeling, this blend is a jewel in the crown of […]

Classic Russian Caravan

The Classic Russian Caravan black tea blend dates back to the 18th Century when tea was brought overland […]

Classic Lychee

This is a traditional Chinese Lychee black tea that uses the lychee to infuse a sweet fruit flavour […]

Yunnan Maofeng

Our Yunnan Maofeng black tea from the hills of Guangdong province in China, is a mellow black tea […]

Assam Evening Decaf

Assam Evening Decaf black tea, from the north eastern state of Assam in India, is a strong blend […]

Assam Hills

From the rolling hills of Assam, this is a rich and complex Assam Hills black tea that is […]

Ceylon Kenilworth

From the Kenilworth estate in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Kenilworth tea is a whole leaf black tea with a […]

Keemun Yellow Mountain

Keemun Yellow Mountain black tea is a strong Chinese tea with a winy and fruity taste and a […]

Balasun Valley

From the north Kurseong Valley in Darjeeling district of India is one of the finest Darjeeling black teas […]

Classic Indian Chai Tea

Our Classic Indian Chai tea is famous for being full-bodied, rich and fragrant with spices. Straight from India, […]

Classic English Breakfast

Classic English Breakfast tea is a blend of the finest south Asian teas, with a full-bodied Assam whole […]

Classic Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a classic blend with a crisp, fruity flavour with floral undertones that leaves a mellow […]

Prince Miha Black Tea

Prince Miha black tea is a wholeleaf tea from Nagobilevi in Georgian. This Georgian tea can be identified […]

Vanilla Ceylon Black Tea

We’ve created our Vanilla Ceylon Black Tea blend by combining the best whole leaf Ceylon black tea from […]

Zhejiang Cloud Green

Zhejiang Cloud Green tea is a delicacy from the Zhejiang province in China. A single bud and two […]